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Posted by DomCent at 12:8 on Feb 27 2010

Sorry to everybody who has been trying to use the real-estate section over the last 24 hours - it slowed down to a snail's pace and was pretty unusable!

We've tracked down the problem to a badly coded.query - our fault.

It only became apparent as the activity on the real-estate section shot up with the increased number of visitors to the website yesterday.

We'll blame the big increase in visitors on the Adscene advertising! :-)

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Window displays and property flyers for your clients

Posted by DomCent at 8:59 on Feb 16 2010

Are you manually creating flyers for your listings so you can hand them out to clients? Its a common practice and its certainly good to be able to give your clients listings with your contact details on.

Now provides you with automatic flyers in PDF print-ready format. Simply go to the listing and click on the PDF logo which will be right under the photo thumbnails. The PDF will be generated in a few seconds.

You can print this directly to display in your window or give to a client, or you can save it to your computer and then email it to a client.

As always, we appreciate feedback on any of the free services. We're making constant improvements, but sometimes things can go wrong. If you notice anything amiss, please contact us immediately via the contact page.


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Local promotions

Posted by DomCent at 8:58 on Feb 16 2010 is not just promoting your listings to an internation audience, although this is obviously vital.

Many locals are also visiting the website, and is also committed to promoting itself to the local and tourist market through the Adscene, the most popular magazine on the North Coast.

So, advertising on is also getting you exposure through the Adscene a double wammy!

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Protecting your photos

Posted by DomCent at 8:54 on Feb 16 2010

Some realtors have a legitimate concern about other less scrupulous agents taking photos from their website to use on their own website.

This is leading some agents to manually watermark their photos, which normally involves editing each photo in a photo-editing program such as Photoshop, and adding some words or a logo over the image.
This is very time-consuming for the agent, and often affects the appearance of the photo in a negative way. After all, the photos are meant to show off the property.

To address this concern, all property listing photos on now are automatically digitally watermarked, or encoded in Flash. The watermark is subtle, so it doesnt affect the photo too much, but at the same time will deter the unscrupulous from stealing the photos.

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More free exposure for your listings!

Posted by DomCent at 8:52 on Feb 16 2010

Now you will notice property listings on all the news pages. These are randomly selected listings, which if you click on them will take you through to that listing.

Now all of DominicanCentral.coms visitors will be seeing your listings!

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Welcome to the free listing service for realtors!

Posted by DomCent at 8:50 on Feb 16 2010

Now you can get loads of free exposure on one of the most popular websites focusing on the Dominican Republic, which is visited by people around the world and in the Dominican Republic.

You can upload your listings one at a time, or ask us about automatically importing all your listings fro myour own website, automatically every week. The automatic option normally utilizes an XML feed, but dont worry, its not complicated!

Were putting up some additional help regarding how to get started with adding your listings at, so its always worth checking there.

The listing service is entirely free to use. We dont need to charge you anything as the website generates income through the ads which youll see to the side of the page. So go ahead and take full advantage of this unique offer, and get your listings out to more clients!

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