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Cuba broadens the public access to the internet but private is still restricted

posted on: May 29 2013 7:0 by RDugey. Viewed 4691 times.

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Cuba will extend the public service "social" Internet with more than 100 new rooms of navigation throughout the country, where however held the restrictions so that people can access the network from their homes.

The Ministry of Communications announced yesterday in a resolution that since June 4 will be enabled 118 new spaces in connection with facilities for browsing the internet, the national network and use emails through a portal called "nauta".

The new rooms will be managed by the State company of telecommunications of Cuba (Etecsa) and will be added to the nearly 200 existing hotels and post offices, which currently offer service by e-mail, with the forecast of "gradually" increase.

In the resolution published today by the Official Gazette warns that ETECSA deny users the use of the new services "of immediately" when found during the session "any violation of the standards of ethical behaviour that promotes the Cuban State".

New services will be offered at different prices of connection at the time but in CUC, comparable to the dollar and considered the two outstanding hard currency, rates will fluctuate between 0.60 and 4.50 CUC, in a country where the average monthly salary does not reach $20.

Which Cuban officialdom calls "new facility" for internet access will be possible thanks to the submarine fiber optic cable that came to the island in 2011 to improve your internet connection.

The cable linking Cuba with Venezuela and Jamaica and is now operational.

"The fiber optic cable, although it improves international communications (...) It is not a free service, then the cost of the expansion of the internet browsing service at an early stage", explained the official Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

Traditionally the Government has blamed the problems of the connection to internet to block us.UU applies on the island since 1962, because that policy is forcing Cuba to access the network via a link by satellite that makes the slow connection and face.

The project of submarine cable, in conjunction with Venezuela, was developed as an alternative to this situation and expected that it can multiply by 3,000 Cuba internet connection capacity.

Since the island was connected to the network in 1996 the authorities have privileged the "collective access" and the use of specific services.

However, the vast majority of Cubans may not have internet in their homes, a possibility that is only permitted - and also with limitations - to certain professionals such as doctors, journalists, academics, intellectuals or artists.

Restrictions and controls of the Government on the network has not however prevented the proliferation in recent years of independent and critical bloggers including the famous Yoani Sánchez which has made access to the internet one of its major claims and is an active user of the social network Twitter.

"#Cuba Government announces that 'be expanded' #internet service, although only from State rooms and convertible Peso CUC :-(" ", wrote today in Twitter Yoani Sánchez occurring since February passed off the island on an international tour.


From the ruling party have also emerged active bloggers to counter the independent: one of the most famous is known as Yohandry Fontana, who estimated, he said today on Twitter, that two or three million Cubans will use the network in the first five months of starting up new services.

"Of internet to houses will take, but I'm sure it's coming," the Netizen wrote.

The Communist Party of Cuba (PCC, unique) decided in the National Conference that took place at the beginning of 2011 set as one of its lines of work "take advantage of the information technologies as a tool for the development of knowledge, economy, and political and ideological activity".

But also to "expose the image of Cuba and its truth" and 'combating the actions of subversion'.

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