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Mothers of U.S. demand that assault rifles and other measures ban on

posted on: Feb 14 2013 19:1 by RDugey. Viewed 18019 times.

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Mothers across the U.S..UU. They today urged Congress to ban the assault weapons in order to reduce the number of homicides in the country, which is currently 30 dailies, and prevent massacres as that recorded in December at a school.

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Executive Director of the Group mothers with power (MomsRising), explained in a press conference that it is not "prohibit all weapons", but "make sure all weapons for killings are not in public places or near our children".

"Every day, 30 people die because of the weapons in our nation, more than those lost in the tragedy of the Sandy Hook elementary school." We cannot allow that to become the new normal", emphasized.

The Group of mothers, with a strong presence on the internet and more than one million members, launched the campaign "Have a heart" two days later, in his speech on the "State of the" Union", President Barack Obama asked Congress a vote on measures for the control of weapons.

Echoing the proposals of Obama, activists asked the prohibition of firearms restrictions and high capacity Chargers; universal review of criminal records for the purchase of weapons, and a federal statute with strong sanctions against the illegal sale of weapons inside and outside of us.UU.

Before the press conference, Rowe-Finkbeiner and other activists walked toward the Capitol to deliver a petition with more than 150,000 signatures and messages of love for Valentine's day, to ask that the National Rifle Association and the Congress will support a major arms control.

"It is time set aside politicking and give priority to the health and lives of the voters, and work to put an end to the violence by weapons," reads the petition.

The killing perpetrated in elementary Sandy Hook in the town of Newtown, Pennsylvania, was a constant reference in the press conference of presentation of the campaign.

On 14 December, Adam Lanza, a young man, who had murdered his mother previously, killed 20 children and six adults at school and then took his life.

The democratic legislator Elizabeth Esty said, as well as the murder of four girls in 1963 in an attack in a church by the Ku Klux Klan was a trigger for the U.S. civil rights movement.UU., the massacre in Newtown is "a call to action" to enforce the arms control.

He also spoke Pam Simon, who survived the shooting incident of January 2011 in Arizona where he was seriously injured the now Democratic Congressman Gabby Giffords.

"I want streets more safe, violence-free," said Simon, exasesora of Giffords and who suffered injuries in an arm and the chest in the shooting

Another of the participants in this campaign, Elisa Batista, said Congress "should pay attention" because the majority of latinos "are a strong voting bloc" and supports measures that safeguard the safety of families.

"I don't want to continue reading or listening to news of children killed by bullets." I don't want our schools to be militaricen", said Batista.

According to statistics, weapons are the second leading cause of death among children and young people up to 19 years of age in the United States.UU., a country where there is 89 weapons for every 100 inhabitants, or approximately 270 million guns.

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Posted by: mbgmike on Feb 15 2013 5:54
they have 1million members and only 150,000 sigs. what does that say.join the NRA protect your rights. guns are not the problem. you don't need guns to kill people
Posted by: mbgmike on Feb 15 2013 5:54
Posted by: mbgmike on Feb 15 2013 6:0
liberals forced alabama to let 9000 mental patients go in the 90's because they were held there anddid not know why,,fact, then they want to blame guns...liberals need to getthere head on straight and get to the causes instead of blaming.
Posted by: mbgmike on Feb 15 2013 6:14
there are more mothers who support guns then this one group. yhey want to give the impresiion us mothers all support them
Posted by: mbgmike on Feb 15 2013 6:19
Elisa Batista makes her living off starting these organizations and calls herself a journalist. Another California liberal trying to dictate how the rest of america should live. We have the 2'nd amendment for a real good reason. for people like her

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