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El Salvador: Beatriz gives birth by caesarean section

posted on: Jun 4 2013 14:0 by RDugey. Viewed 8332 times.

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The medical team of the Maternity Hospital operated successfully yesterday to Beatriz, a 22 year-old who suffers from lupus and kidney failure, and whose battle because they practiced her abortion caused worldwide attention.

Beatriz was operated successfully, is recovering. The baby was born alive, but no one can say how long will live,"he told AP Morena Herrera, of the feminist collective for Local development, has supported the young to interrupt the pregnancy. u0009

Beatriz (name that identified it) was operated yesterday afternoon by the medical team of the Maternity Hospital of this capital, confirmed to the AP the Office of communications of the Ministry of public health. u0009

The Minister of industry, María Isabel Rodríguez, yesterday told reporters that maternity medical team was ready for the minor symptoms of danger of Beatriz is take steps immediately, highlighting "that she and doctors decisive is for protecting the life of Beatrice". u0009

Herrera said that "Beatriz came out of the operating room after two hours, the creature was alive, but without a brain." It is something painful to see the creature, this has told us the grandmother (the mother of Beatrice) and the doctors have confirmed it. I don't know if the girl is alive". u0009

Herrera added that "it was a c-section, (Beatriz) is recovering, is in the postoperative process. It is recovering, but doctors are attentive to see how evolves as it has other difficulties. We hope that it goes well".

Maternity doctors operated on the girl after that the Constitutional Division denied the authorization for a therapeutic abortion, but acknowledged that the decision was in the hands of the doctors attending to the young man, who had almost 27 weeks of pregnancy when I was 18 weeks of gestation, Beatriz attorneys filed an appeal with the Constitutional Division asking for authorization to terminate pregnancy, although Salvadoran law criminalizes all forms of abortion, including the therapeutic. u0009

Ultrasound tests showed that the fetus had no brain, and that his life outside the uterus would be impossible. u0009

Doctors have declared that a woman could die if she continued the pregnancy, but had not provided the treatment needed for fear that if they interrupted the pregnancy could be prosecuted under the strict abortion laws, which are between two and eight years in prison for the guilty parties. u0009

But there have also been cases in which the Attorney General of the Republic accuses killing mothers, so it can be sentenced to 30 years in jail. but after the failure of the room, the Ministry of public health approved the termination of pregnancy through an induced delivery or a c-section. u0009

The Inter-American Court of human rights ruled that El Salvador should protect the life and integrity of Beatriz, and help her to interrupt the pregnancy. The ruling has no influence on the resolution of the case because the Salvadoran Government had already decided to protect the woman's life. u0009

"Amnesty International also stated that"the Government must comply with the order of the Inter-American Court and ensure that doctors intervene before that Beatriz suffer long-term health damage". Morena Herrera, of the feminist collective for Local development, said that what came with Beatriz was a c-section because it has the problem of a previous c-section and know that a normal delivery could cause a rupture of the uterus".

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