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Government proposes to CES an 18% ITBIS

posted on: Oct 5 2012 14:2 by RDugey. Viewed 2830 times.

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The President Danilo Medina presented yesterday the Council economic and Social (CES) and the Dominican Liberation Party legislators the proposal for tax reform that involves, in other elements, the expansion of the base of the tax on the transfer of industrialized goods and services (ITBIS) up to a maximum of 18%, a tax of 10% dividends in the free zones and raise of 2.5 to 5 per cent the levy per sales that make these companies in the country.

Similarly, the Government's proposal contemplates rise 7% to 15% tax to alcoholic beverages, delete (ISR) income tax exemption to the salary of Christmas or pay 13 exceeding the RD$ 33,000 per month, eliminating payment of the renewal of the plate and instead charge 1% of the value of the vehicle that set the direction of internal taxes (DGII).

Among the measures contained in the draft tax also figure to apply 10% to services of telecommunications and telecable, as well as establishing a "monotributo" for informal businesses, whose rules for the payment of the tax shall be established by the DGII.

With the package containing the reform raised in the country, the Government intends to increase the tax pressure from 13% to 15% for a period of three years.

El President Medina offered details about the content of the draft during a meeting that took place in the Hall of the Council of the Government of the National Palace, and which was extended for a period of one hour and 50 minutes, which only allowed access for journalists, cameramen and photographers so that they would take pictures and videos at the start of the event.

after the meeting, the Minister of economy, planning and development, Temístocles Montas, explained that the Government end this year with a deficit of more than RD$ 148 billion, equivalent to 6.5% of domestic product gross (GDP), and the reform seeks to that next year the deficit is reduced to 3.5%, approximately.

Montás said that the reform also includes the Elimination of incentives for educational expenses, to the film industry and the buyers of real estate in the tourist sector, with the exception of foreigners.

"The measures that are being taken are concentrated in expand the progressivity of the tax system in redu-cir tax spending, broaden the tax base, on the modifications of some tax rates, to strengthen the fight against evasion, to incorporate environmental considerations and also promote business formalization," explained Montás.

as part of the content is set 10% of income tax on interest that individuals obtained by concept of financial certificates, the Elimination of the exemption from income tax of the royalty for taxpayers who earned salaries above the RD$ 33,000 per month and increasing retention of 3% to 5% to the suppliers of State.

Similarly, in lieu of the tax suntuaria housing and instead sets the payment of 1% to the value of the property by person, keeping the exemption until the RD$ 5 million.

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Treatment to the alcohol

first plate:
the Government's proposal contemplates that the first registration of vehicles pay a tax of 17% of the value a surcharge for gas emission per kilometer, and replaces tax a tax on the movement of vehicles equivalent to 1% of the value of each car to car plate.

The reform seeks to, in addition, establish a selective tax to 10% for non-alcoholic beverages, except the natural juices and natural water; deleting the exemption of the selective tax on consumption to hydrocarbons and reduces 50% of the ad rates - rate of the tax to the avtur.

Reform is intended to generalize the ITBIS, except for food and services basic, insurance, financial services, rental of housing, transportation and social security, and eliminating exemptions from the ITBIS to the NGOs.

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