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Restrictions on purchase in a State of Venezuela

posted on: Jun 5 2013 14:0 by RDugey. Viewed 9689 times.

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As a signal that gets worse the food shortages, the authorities announced on Tuesday that it will restrict starting next week the purchase of 20 first-need products subject to price controls in the second most populated region of Venezuela.

"This is only in the State of Zulia and is not rationing," said the spokesman of the Ministry of communication and information, Raimundo Urrechaga. "Is only focused on Zulia to control smuggling", he explained.

Has yet to define some details including the number and frequency of purchases that will be allowed to every family in the State of Zulia, Western said the Secretary general of Government of Zulia, Blagdimir Labrador.

Administration of the ruling Governor Francisco Arias Cardenas has designed a system that will record the purchase to distances on servers with the "which ensures that the same person again in the same day to purchase this product in another establishment". The computer system will allow "monitor and limit the purchase of 20 regulated products such as rice, chicken and corn flour", said the official.

Labrador noted that initially the system will be applied in "65 supermarkets in the municipalities of Maracaibo and San Francisco" from Zulia, located to the extreme west of Venezuela and State border with Colombia. Zulia is the most populous state in the country, second only to the Venezuelan capital, composed of five municipalities, four of them from the neighboring state of Miranda.

Is not clear, however, how the system would prevent the different members of the same family to dodge the system through the purchase by separate.

authorities said that the measure was a response to smuggling food to the neighboring Colombia.

"I am willing to take all the" risks in order to defeat the scourge of smuggling of food", said the Governor Arias Cardenas through the Twitter social network.

To deal with the smuggling of gasoline to Colombia, in another border State, Tachira, and Zulia so-called "chip" have been installed in vehicles to restrict the purchase of gasoline. The new measure, however, does not seem to be related to causes of the smuggling of Venezuelan gasoline, which is heavily subsidized.

Measure coincides with the jump that has experienced shortages of necessities such as food and other basic goods such as toilet paper, a problem that bedevils daily Venezuelans and that has worsened in recent due to lack of foreign exchange and a limited production months national.

since October the Government was progressively the official dollar sell without giving greater explanations. In Venezuela, a change control is valid since February 2003.

Since then, hundreds of companies began to face problems to earn official foreign exchange and imported inputs and raw materials, deepening problems of scarcity and shortages of some essential products that also include medicines and spare parts.

restriction on delivery of currencies became stronger from last February when financial authorities eliminated the system of transactions with securities in foreign currency, that allowed to companies and investors to obtain dollars through the purchase of debt in foreign currency.

Arias Cardenas ruled out that the measure is inspired in the so-called book of rationing used in Cuba as some have suggested because of the close ties of the Venezuelan Government with the Government of La Habana.

"We are not here in Cuba, we are in Maracaibo," said the Governor, leaving him to step to the criticism. "madness, that looks like a copy of the address book (rationing) Cuban", said Angélica Silva, a housewife of 52 years, making a queue to pay at a grocery in the center of Caracas and complained that he could not buy butter and toilet papertwo of the most scarce products.

With the goal of equitably distributing food, Cubans receive food with their monthly ration books. This measure is in force since 1962 book supply includes the highly subsidized sale of rice, coffee, eggs, cooking, chicken, fish oil or hash, among others.

"I hope they realize that that is very difficult to control." This is not a poor country like Cuba, where all depend on the Government, anyone here can go to the "market and skip that", said. "I hope not to happen there (of Zulia) and not happens to run over people, what scares me is that it will be more scarce and that anyone not endure it".

Professor of Economics of the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Ronald Balza, said that he did not see how to ration certain foods - priced supposed are controlled - with the high-tech scheme proposed for Zulia will address the fundamental problem of what is causing the scarcity. "the reason for the shortage (in Zulia) is the same as in the rest of the country", Balza told the AP.

price controls that exist for more than one decade over more than one hundred of goods have created severe problems in the financial structures of many companies that have been forced to limit their production to avoid going broke. Venezuela suffers from that rampant inflation in April It was 4.3% and the cumulative of the last twelve months to 29.4%.

Index of scarcity, meanwhile, rebounded in April to 21.3%, the highest level reached by the indicator since 2009 when the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) began broadcasting the indicator, which concentrates since 2000 in monthly monitoring the availability of more than one hundred goods on the shelves.

at the same timesome economists say that Venezuela is heading towards a recession. The Central Bank said that its economy grew only by 0.7% in the first quarter, representing a slowdown compared to the last year when it recorded an increase of 5.9% over the same period.

The Government has estimated a goal of 6% growth for this year and has said that does not believe that the devaluation of 4.30 bolivars to 6,30 bolivars per dollar, which entered into force in mid-February, affect the goal of growth year.

The decline in the delivery of the official currencies has caused also the suspension of supplies of raw materials, equipment and spare parts from abroad, which has led to the suspension of production in some companies generating problems of shortage.

many economists are sceptical and argue that limiting purchases of food or the application of rationing could end up aggravating the shortage of basic foodstuffs, while Venezuelans in general as the culprit to the mismanagement of the Government.

Finance Minister Nelson Merentes said last week that was to travel to the United States and Europe to seek investment to try to shore up the deficit of $. He did not know the size of the deficit.

Most of the 26 billion dollars of international reserves Venezuela to May 10, according to estimates by analysts, they consist of positions in gold and other instruments, and the liquid reserves available for imports account for less than $ 3 billion.

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