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They do not penalize press in the Criminal Code offences

posted on: Nov 15 2012 14:2 by RDugey. Viewed 2776 times.

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The request to make the offence of defamation and slander to be pulled out of the draft law for the modification of the Penal Code and leave it to an organic law, was the lead role in the public hearings held yesterday by the Justice Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

Exhibitors, among them, media, trade unions and lawyers, executives believe that it is time to correct the difference that exists between the criminal code and the Act of expression and dissemination of thought (6132).

While the President of the Commission, Demostenes Martínez, ahead of that from the views received, the project will receive profound changes.

At the meeting, held in the Hall Hugo Tolentino Dipp, of the Chamber of Deputies, Dr. Rafael Molina Morillo, director of the newspaper El día, in representation of the Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa (SIP), handed over to deputies the draft bill on free expression, for your subjugation and weighting.

Proposed members to delete everything that involves imprisonment as penalty, and the total elimination of article 193 of article 191 of the project. He explained the project that gave was drawn up to replace the outdated law 6132, commissioned by former President Leonel Fernández, and that he was in charge of a Committee of experts.

"We express our deep concern by the presence in the draft of provisions that if accepted, only will mean a shameful setback on the road to a full democracy in our country," said Molina Morillo, who is also a representative of the Centre for freedom of expression in the country. While the director of LISTIN DIARIO, Miguel Franjul, said that what is being proposed is very subjective and creates a situation for an easy criminal action against media executives. He gave as an example, in that when the media reflected the opinion of a person and someone feels defamed, who are accused is the Director.

Said that Congressmen have in this opportunity now to correct the difference between the criminal code and the Act of expression and dissemination of thought, through a modern law of communication.

While the former Dominican Ambassador to the OAS and an expert in the subject, Roberto Álvarez, lawyer considered a setback is approved as it is, arguing that it violates international commitments freely undertaken by the Dominican Republic.

Recalled that international decisions are binding for the country and the tendency is to decriminalize the crime of press.

This view is shared by the Executive Vice-President of the institutional foundation and justice (Finjus), Servius Tullius chestnut, who said that the current international proposes fines.

Approaches of participants
Namphi Rodriguez, Member of the Commission of drafting codes of communication, drawn up by the Executive, suggested that "excludes the subject of defamation and slander of the code, and let to the organic law, the special field of law 6132 on dissemination of the thought that has special sanctions".

While Deputy Martínez guaranteed that shall not perish every citizen's right to express themselves freely, and that the study on the subject will be held in an open manner. "Is clear that the penalties that have been raised are excessive.


Go with the assurance that there will be profound changes and freedom in our hands shall not perish", said.

Aurelio Henríquez, President of the College of journalists, said that articles 367 and 376 of the Penal Code, be approved, colleagues with the tenets of the Constitution.

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